Advantages of Repiping

There are several advantages and benefits to repiping a residential, commercial or institutional building.

Clear, Healthy Water

After repiping, water will be free from rust or smell. New PEX piping won’t corrode and rust like the old galvanized piping, eliminating the problem of corrosion and rust entering your water supply.

Prevent Future Plumbing Problems

Depending on various factors, we may recommend targeting one site where the problem occurs, a partial repipe, or a complete building repipe. While spot fixing various plumbing sites can solve current plumbing problems, a complete building re-pipe helps you prevent future plumbing problems for years to come and may be the best solution. The upfront cost and effort can save or reduce future repair costs.

In each case, our experienced team of plumbing and re-piping professionals can assess the situation to provide you with the most sensible and cost-effective solution.

Code Compliance

Often, we find that the plumbing in buildings is not up to code. Re-piping ensures that your new plumbing system will meet the current plumbing code standards. A compliant plumbing system can add value for homeowners considering to sell their homes.

Fewer Insurance Claims

With fewer pipe leaks, there are fewer water-related damages to repair, fewer insurance claims, and therefore lower insurance rates, resulting in better cash flow for building owners.

Trust BMS

At BMS Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Ltd., we have a team of licensed and certified repiping professionals with experience in jobs of all sizes, from small apartment buildings to large commercial buildings. We were one of the first companies in Vancouver to complete a full repiping project, starting with a 24-story high-rise with 200 units in 1986.

Read more about our unique Repiping Procedure and contact us at 604-253-9330 to arrange a consultation with our re-piping team.