Our Repiping Process

Repiping a building is an important and seemingly daunting task that is best handled by an experienced plumbing and mechanical contractor.

At BMS Plumbing & Mechanical, we have been repiping residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings since 1986.

In these past 30+ years, we have developed our own systematic re-piping process:

1. Repiping Consultation

Whether you are re-piping a multi-family residential building, a commercial building, or an institution, we first meet with you to diagnose your building’s plumbing problems.

2. Piping System Plan Design

The first step in a re-piping project is for our engineers to design a new, quiet, and efficient water pipe system for your building. We choose only high-quality certified plumbing materials, such as Uponor PEX-A, stainless steel, or type ‘k’ copper pipes as part of the piping design.

3. Plumbing & Building Permit

We obtain the necessary permits from the city or municipality.

4. Stakeholder Information Night

We hold an informational evening for the building residents. Everyone will be briefed on the project, introduced to our staff, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Residents will be informed of the procedures before any work takes place.

5. Notice of Entry

All residents will be given Notice of Entry into their suite in advance, along with a detailed summary of the work to be performed. We communicate regularly and provide progress reports to keep all residents clearly informed throughout the duration of the project.

6. Repipe Building

Once we begin re-piping, we typically start in the common areas before moving to individual units, offices, or rooms. Our team cuts drywall, removes old pipes, installs new pipes, then refinishes all walls to their original state. We always aim to minimize the number of water shut-offs, and give residents and tenants ample notice prior to each shut-off. Although water may be turned off at a scheduled point during the day, we always ensure water is fully turned back on at the end of each day.

7. Complete Tenant Improvements & Building Upgrades

If you wish to perform building upgrades and tenant improvements it would be most sensible and efficient, as we are already in each unit, with experienced trades present.

8. Full System Testing

We conduct full testing of the new piping system.

9. Inspection Report

Upon completion of the re-piping project, we provide a copy of the following documents to the building owner and management:

-As-built drawings showing the location of all newly-installed pipes and valves

-All inspection reports from the municipal inspectors, and

-A full briefing on the operation of the new piping system.

We are proud of our unique process and for being the most experienced re-piping company in Vancouver.

For more information about the re-piping process, contact us at 604-253-9330. To find out why repiping is necessary, see Causes of Pipe Failure.