Our History

BMS Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Ltd. was incorporated in 1984 as Better Mechanical Systems Ltd. We started as a mechanical contractor specializing in new installations in the construction industry, and operated a service department that provided plumbing, gas, and HVAC system work for more than 60 major companies in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland.

In 1985, however, we noticed an increased number of buildings suffering from the deterioration of their domestic water piping systems. This led us to focus on the specialized area of re-piping. In fact, we completed one of the first full building re-piping projects in the Lower Mainland: a 24-story 200-suite high-rise in 1986. We were also the first Vancouver re-piping company to complete a stainless steel re-pipe in a strata-titled building of 100 suites.

Since then, we have focused our expertise on replacing pipes in major buildings in Vancouver and area. To reflect this emphasis on re-piping and plumbing, we changed our name to BMS Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Ltd in 1986.

Working closely with consulting engineers and experimenting with different methods of upgrading piping systems, we established one of the first systematic pipe replacement methods.

Because of the complexity of the re-piping process, and because engineers, architects, property managers, strata owners and other stakeholders in the Lower Mainland have put restrictions on the capabilities and jurisdictions of re-piping contractors, only a handful of major companies have tried to penetrate the re-piping market. Today, the number of companies offering re-piping services in Vancouver has remained the same, positioning BMS as one of the only re-piping firms in Vancouver with over 25 years experience.

We are an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau, and are insured and bonded by a reputable insurance firm. We only employ skilled and reliable tradesmen who are experienced in all facets of construction and re-piping, especially plumbing and civil work in occupied buildings.

We are proud to continue serving the industry and providing job satisfaction to all our clients and staff. Learn more about our Partners, What Our Clients Say, and how we give back.