Repiping Services

At BMS Plumbing and Mechanical, we specialize in residential repiping services, commercial repiping, and institutional repiping projects in Greater Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland.

What is the Repiping Project?

Over time, due to various factors, pipes will corrode, rust, develop pinhole leaks, or crack. Worn pipes can lead to problems such as leaks, rust-coloured or off-tasting water, and problems with water pressure.

During the repiping process, the building’s domestic water pipe systems are replaced. This process is also known as domestic water pipe replacement or repiping.

A standard repiping process usually starts from the cold-water incoming line in the building and from the hot water tank headers in the mechanical room. All the hot, cold and recirculation piping, fittings, and valves are replaced. It is a complete replacement up to the fixtures within suites. Normally, the fixtures themselves are not included depending on the specifications for any given project.

There will be water shutdowns in every project, however we try to minimize the number of shutdowns by expending more work in the process. Notices of water shutdowns are made well in advance ensuring that all parties are properly notified.

Maintaining building aesthetics in any project is a high priority for us. Any walls that need to be patched will be done by our professionally-trained drywall crew, with thorough cleanup at the end of each workday, and a final cleanup at the completion of the project. Any walls that are impacted by repiping will look as good as they did before the work occurred.

After the repiping is complete and inspected by Municipal and Engineering Inspectors a copy of the maintenance manual will be submitted to the Owners. The manual will contain all information of the work in the building, including permits, inspection reports, asbuilts, valve tags etc.

About BMS

BMS Plumbing and Mechanical is the best choice for repiping projects in the Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area, whether for multi-family residential buildings, commercial buildings, or for institutional buildings. We choose high-quality materials, have more than 30 years of experience as repiping specialists, and have earned an excellent reputation for delivering quality repiping projects on time and on budget.

Materials: We use top quality, innovative products such as Uponor PEX-A, Stainless Steel Piping, Type ‘K’ copper, Aquatherm piping etc. Our aim is to ensure that your new piping system will last for years without causing further problems. Learn more about the materials we use in repiping.

Experience: Through years of experience, we have perfected a systematic procedure of repiping occupied building structures with minimal disruption, conscientious cleanup, and excellent quality of work that lasts for years to come. Our skilled professionals have been repiping buildings since 1986 and have replaced the piping systems in multi family residential buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings, schools, industrial buildings in Vancouver, lower mainland, and throughout British Columbia.

Reputation: Our company has grown through word-of-mouth referrals and our A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We have developed a good track record of staying within the contingency amount allocated in each project budget.

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